Workshop Financial Freedom with bitcoin and crypto currencies

The future of bitcoin and crypto currencies - bubble or tremendous opportunity?

Workshop Financial Independence with blockchain technology

October 14, 2017

CYRES Center

Leopold De Waelstraat 34, Antwerp

10:00 – 16:30

395€ + 21% VAT

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closer than you think

Financial freedom

Financial freedom is a key aspect to living a great life where you’re able to enjoy and live a life full of passion and where you’re able to create and do that what you love.

Lack of financial freedom creates fear and holds you down in situations, circumstances, work, … that you resent but that you feel there is no escape because your too old, don’t have the experience, …

The last few years I’ve been coaching a number of people in private sessions where one aspect of their life evolves around the lack of financial freedom, feeling mentally blocked to make the jump into a different life.  Sometimes these fears can be huge!

Creating financial freedom has been one of the first goals I’ve set myself in the beginning of my working career.  I wanted to have the freedom to do the things I really like, to deliver cutting edge Personal Development Programs, create innovative Technology and be involved in projects that are at the frounteering edge of science.  These are the topics I’m personally passionate about.  Of course, being an entrepreneur, you take on more risk as you evolve in life and continuously take on greater challenges.  What makes life interesting is to never stop challenging yourself and always push the barriers of what we can achieve. Vacation is great, but when we’re on a permanent vacation, life becomes boring and we become generally passive.

A head start into a future trillion dollar market

Blockchain technology

As any good entrepreneur, I look for opportunities in my broad field of interests that create significant return.  Returns, that I personally re-invest in new interesting technological projects.

I’ve come across an opportunity that I’ve been looking into and have been actively involved in over the last 4 months.  It’s an opportunity that I’ve been advising to some of my private coaching Clients when discussing the topic of creating more financial freedom.  I’ve personally experienced the phenomenal gains this area delivers, so that I’ve decided to offer a workshop on this topic for all who want more financial freedom in the pursuit of their life’s passion.  This technology is called BLOCKCHAIN.  Bitcoin is one of the most known, in mainstream, of this type of technology.

I’ve researched this topic extensively over the last 4 months and invested financially to get first hand experience first. This is unlike anything I have seen the last 20 years and I truly believe that for those who are not afraid of a calculated risk, the rewards can be huge.  One crypto/blockchain company I followed went up 2000 % in about 3 months, this not being an exception!

As a well grounded person, the first question I always ask is, ‘is this not a bubble, ready to burst anytime now’?  Thorough research showed me that this technology is transforming the whole of our digital landscape at a rapid pace.  Simply put, blockchain is a digital security layer that makes your data unhackable.  Making data secure and trust worthy is essential in any sector of our society.  I quickly discovered that Bitcoin is just the top of the iceberg, but that underneath is a whole new kind of way of securing data on the internet.

bitcoin soared from 1000$ to 4400$ in less than five months

Major banks desperately trying to get in

Every sector around the world will be transformed by this technology. That is why there are so many technology companies now being created, all around the world, that will transform any sector imaginable.  Bitcoin, invented by  people that wanted to do away with the old centralised financial system, has long been seen as a sort of protest move by alternative groups, and rather harmless.  The technology behind Bitcoin is now becoming a world movement and unstoppable.  You can compare it to the early foundations of the new Apples and Microsofts that are now being set up.

All the major players in the world, Microsoft, Apple, JPMorgan, … are putting billions of dollars in this type of technology.

I’m personally confident that the next 3 years will see tremendous financial opportunities for those who see this reality. Literally life changing opportunities.  Imagine if you invest in a stock a 1,000€ and 3 months later it turns into 200,000€, how this might change your life!  But still very few know about this transformation that taking place.  It is estimated that by now 1% of the population has vaguely heard about words like Bitcoin.

Just yesterday I went intomy bank, one of the biggest banks in Belgium, and even their investment specialists have no clue about this potential.  I found myself in a world upside down where the investment specialist asked me how the world of blockchain works and how you can trade in commodity.  Those a bit more familiar with the domain also know it as Crypto Currencies.

What you will discover during this unique workshop

To give a clear picture about this once-in-a-life-time opportunity, which I feel at least the next 3 years’ window will provide, we’re organising a workshop on this.

The workshop will be very practical and this is what I will share with you:

  • Give you a clear understanding in this technology and proof why this market is going to be big, whatever the critics might say
  • What it means to invest in Crypto Currencies
  • How to set up a Crypto Wallet
  • How to Buy Crypto Currencies
  • How to protect your Crypto Currencies safely
  • What are good authorities to follow on the internet in the field of Cryptos
  • How to get into ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)
  • How to deal with volatility and why this market is a whole different beast
  • The purpose of asymmetric investing in this market
  • How small investments can turn into a huge windfall
  • The fiscal consequences of the profits you generate for yourself as an individual or as a company
  • Trends that are currently happening in the Crypto field and what are the markers to look for in good Crypto Currencies
  • Advanced ways of investing in this market

You can double your money, easily

Without blushing I dare say that if you know what your doing, that I would really be surprised if you were not able to double your investment by end of next year, and that is very conservative.  Of course, knowing that any good investor invests only what they can afford to lose.

If you’re interested in discovering this fascinating world and you’re looking for ways to build your financial freedom, than this is for you!

The workshop takes place Saturday 14th of October from 10:00 to 16:30.  Price is €395 per person, 21% VAT exclusive.  Seating is limited.

KMO Portefeuille is possible.

Come and join us if you want to know more!