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solutions for pro-active stress management

Well Being and Burnout Prevention

With ever increasing cases of stress related health problems and burnout cases, we feel there is a need for a targeted pro-active approach.

Currently 5% of the active working population is in burnout right now. It is estimated that in the next 5 years, another 40% will go into burnout. These numbers are terrifying.

We care about the well-being of our colleagues ; you and your co-workers.

There is an urgency to implement a pro-active solution for stress-management and burnout prevention. CYRES, with our team of specialists, has created easy-to-use, efficiënt and effective solutions that generate results.

Our services and products are the result of the collaboration and expertise in personal leadership, mindset change, bio- and neurofeedback, and sports sciences. We have tested and applied our approach in several multinational companies. We now bring this to you.

A holistic approach

Training and Technology

Cyres offers a holistic pro-active approach to stress management.  We train people to increase awareness about their mindset, behaviour and the root causes for their stress response.  We provide tools to change behaviour and tools to measure and remedie stress levels.  If you’re looking for a solution perfectly fit for high demanding business environments, we can help you.


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Elwira S.
International e-Commerce

“The work I have done with Sven was really constructive for me and my life. In two months I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I learned to identify my assets, face my personal imposed limits, fully use my potential and use all of my resources on a maximum level! I am now capable of concentrating and directing my energy exactly where I want it, where I need it the most. It helped me to reach my goals. Thanks to Sven my 3 biggest limiting beliefs crumbled like a house of cards. They no longer keep me from following my dreams! They don’t block my actions anymore. I rapidly learned to use the tools proposed by Sven and the positive results followed immediately. Now, when I am working towards a goal, I advance with confidence and efficiency. I am really grateful for the work and effort Sven has invested in order for me to be able to progress. Thanks to him, I generated a new image about me and my skills. My mind has opened up to new possibilities. I already recommended Sven in all confidence to my friends and family. He is serious, attentive, gracious, intelligent and efficient. Thank you again Sven and good luck! “