The Connected Coach

The Connected Coach

An Extra Hand


The Connected Coach.  Your own Virtual Assistant, Coach, and Publisher.  Life-changing software to guide life with the power of greater leverage and create change.  The Connected Coach gives you a simple and practical way to rapidly see pains and gains to address, improve organization, accountability, and productivity, as well as clearly seeing how this will create value/benefits.

Hi, I’m Cris.  Engaging with many of my coach friends, and friends who benefit from coaching (coachees), I realized that I could create an online relationship and management system to help them, by delivering better solutions for problems and missed opportunities, and by empowering coaching relationships.  With vast experience drawn from both coaching and being coached, I could radically simplify their life, and my life as an experienced professional coach, and those we serve.  Designed to be a more professional and tangible representation of the quality process and results that are happening.An easy and smooth-to-use way to create, send, share, and track.  Get better follow through, tracking, communication, and documentation.  You can connect and collaborate in more enjoyable ways.

Designed to make a difference, for professionals, coaches, consultants, and individuals of all kinds, engaged with the productivity of people at home and in organizations.  Great for a small number of ongoing clients or for a massive number of ongoing clients.  A coaching innovation for excellence in service of others and yourself.  Helping you to give people, including yourself, expanding, enriching, rewarding lives.  Engaging and informative, it nurtures your network.

For sustained personal / professional  growth, success, clarity, engagement, and enthusiasm, The Connected Coach is inspiration and practical help.  Clearly and concisely it delivers improvement actions for maximum effect, putting you on the coaching fast-track.  A coaching program is made more real, tangible, and easy to manage.  Easy to add to any established style of coaching, or to create a new one.

Employ The Connected Coach to make coaching easier, more engaging, less energy and time consuming, more efficient and effective, quicker and easier to explain to new clients, and much more.  An essentially automated structure to support you and them.

Powerful and Customisable

4 Access Levels

The connected Coach is a multi-layered system that delivers a tailor made approach whether you’re a coaching company of one, or whether you are a coaching company with hundreds of coaches.

We deliver you a solution that fits for you!

The software has 4 access levels:


1.  The Super Admin

This is the level of the owner of the software, in this case Cyres Ltd.  The Super Admin allows for admission to the software of new and existing companies and this according to their levels of use.

The system also allows to customize the currency used in the company ($, €, …)

The levels of use depend on the amount of Coaches, the amount of Clients, and the memory size used by a Company.

Invoicing to companies for services rendered happens on a monthly basis.


2. The Company Admin

The Company Admin is the responsible for a Coaching Company that uses the services of The Connected Coach.

This access level has the rights to create Coaches, and Students, to grant them access or deny them access to the software.

The Company Admin also approves training courses and programs in the system.

The Company Admin is also responsible for the customization of the ‘look and feel’, specific to the company, that the user will have when accessing the software.

Customization of:

• A 7 page landing site with custom logo, text, pictures

• 2 welcome pages, one for Coach and one for the Coachees (customization of text, video, pictures)

• Meeting notes template for coaching sessions

• Templates for text messaging to coaching clients

• Templates for welcome emails

• Templates for reminders

• Templates for announcing new content

• Advertising of your own programs to users in the software

At this level you also enter into the system whether you want to use an external phoning service that is integrated in the software (Twillio) to send text messages and automatically record and store coaching calls into the system, or whether you use a system like Skype to record calls and upload manually in the software.



Login Screen


3.  Coach / Teacher Level

At the Coach Level, you can create and set up new Courses for Training or Coaching, you can upload new content to these courses.

You can also create new students that are participating into the courses

You can set up coaching calls / meetings

You can follow up on the progress of the participants to your course

You can track the participation time that a student spends studying a course

You can also set up the way the training will be accessible: day per day, a full week at a time, a full month at a time, the entire course


4. The Client / Student Level

At the Client level, you can customize your personal profile.

At the student level, you can access the training that you are enlisted for in a calendar format.

Each day of the training there is an

• Inspirational Quote

• Video

• Audio

• Meetings

• Assignments

There are also weekly and monthly assignments.

There is a private discussion board with the Coach / Teacher

There is also a Public discussion board for all the participants involved with treads that are stored alphabetically.

And, there is also a resources board where all kinds of resources can be found related to the course.

You can track your progress, re-listen to your coaching calls and go through your meeting notes again

You can tape video messages and upload them to your teacher

You can generate and print out a table of contents of the course that you’re participating in

There is a button for quick access that gives the overview of the course in one go

There is a private welcome tour and video that welcomes you to the software.

There is also a news section that allows you to access all kinds of news of other programs, events, … related to the course.

Welcome Page

Revolutionising Coaching

The Connected Coach

The awesome benefits you’ll derive from integrating The Connected Coach into your own self-help approach:

Ensures you are connected heart and soul to your Contacts and your Calling.  TCC supports and enhances your coaching relationships.

Connects the goals and the plan with everyday life.

With The Connected Coach you can be more productive, beneficial, effective, and meaningful.

User-Friendly.  Navigation is simple, straightforward, and identical on every page to save time and energy.

Saves you precious time to focus more during coaching calls / appointments.

Participants can be enrolled into a courses at any time, as many as you choose and whenever you choose.

Assists you to build effective One-to-One, Group, and Organizational Relationships.

Excellent for routine and repeatable training procedures.

For busy people, a practical framework, on which they can connect with Clients / Colleagues and plan the best way forward.

Too much on your brain?  A simple way of seeing priorities for improvement.  So peace of mind.

No actions or appointments are missed.

A system for keeping track, so you don’t get lost and your clients don’t get lost.

To stop procrastination.  The process of developing action plans becomes much more straightforward.

The design of the displays make it easy to see what is going on over time.

Easy for coach and client to perceive the process and progress over time.  Delivers a comprehensive view of what is being accomplished.

Manages all the fine points, precise details or small matters in a way that a coach doesn’t have time for.

Very little work to keep up-to-the-minute with what’s done and what’s not.

Increases your visibility, promoting yourself in your locality and beyond.

The holistic nature makes it an affordable, cost effective and efficient element of any assessment of your Client’s situation and needs, as well as yours.

Deepens a Coach’s knowledge of their Client.

Provides invaluable data that will result in your projects having much greater impact.

You can help your clients reach their goals faster and easier.

Fundamentally changes the way things are done inside and outside the coaching business / field and it gets momentum going on.

Keeping focus on what’s important.

Preparing for sessions is quick and easy.

Understanding how things are going before a meeting saves valuable meeting time.

Automated reminders guarantee you begin on time.

Reminders keep the action plan fresh and progressing between coaching sessions.

Guarantees more professionality.

You can focus on delivering value to your Clients and your marketplace, and the whole experience is enjoyable.

Your prospective customer will get a clear sense of what the value they could gain by working with you.

The Connected Coach works for you while you are away.  In the days or weeks following a coaching session when you’re not there, The Connected Coach is there.

And so much more, because you are so much more.


Key features that make all the difference in the world:

The Connected Coach design conveys distinctive character and style.  A really polished professional feel.  For user participation, the cutting edge user interface is simple, intuitive, and flexible.

Web based, so there is nothing to install and it works on any computer.

Easy, or automatic, fast data entry.

An ongoing record of actions and performance metrics.

Metrics document and track quantitative progress and results and tell the story behind the numbers.

Online scheduling made easy and affordable.  The convenience of online scheduling to show appointment types, availability, schedule or reschedule appointments, and email reminders.

Day, week, and agenda, views.

A clear plan  of action can be created and shared in real time, and reminders keep the plan on track between sessions.

Session notes for overview, insights, actions and timing.  Notes can be easily emailed or printed, and are on record for later reference.  Keeps notes all together and easy to access for both coach and client.

A smooth, engaging and elegant online interface, design that you can customize.

Automatically synchronize with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Actions, worksheets, metrics, and more, can be commented upon.

User interface works on mobiles.

Your data is yours and you can export all of your client data.

Gives out course assignments and materials for each participant according to the timeline you decide.

Sharing e-books, images, slides, videos, audio.


Useful For Coaching, or Mentorship, or Training, or Creating, or Guidance:

Coaching programs.  Professional sport / weight loss / personal training / health / fitness / etc