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La Libre Belgique  –  Belgian National Newspaper

Cris Van Cleemput and Ginette De Baerdemaeker of  Cyres, Belgium provide pioneering stress and resilience measurement using hardware available on smartphone.  In addition to this technology, they showcased leading edge stress relief Apps, using a special type of audio technology called NPS or  Neuro Patterning Sounds.  The interview took place in Austin during the Belgian Princess Trade Mission to Texas, US, December 2016, exploring future potential partnerships.  The lead collaborators in this project are Dr. Phil Davidson, MS. Sven Van Cleemput and ir. Cris Van Cleemput.  Article is in French.


Het Laatste Niews  –  Belgian National Newspaper

Goedele Liekens and her Personal Coach Cris Van Cleemput, on the positive effects of Biofeedback in getting a better control over your life.  Article is in Dutch.


Jobat Magazine  –  Belgian National Magazine

Cris Van Cleemput is quoted on the effects of repetitive thoughts on a person’s behaviour.  Article is in Dutch.


Feeling Magazine  –  Belgian National Magazine

Feeling Magazine experiences what Hemi-Sync, Brainwave Synchronisation Technology, can do for relaxation and what Visual Affirmation Technology can do to refocus the brain.  Article is in Dutch.


Goedele Magazine and Nina Magazine  –  Belgian National Magazine

Goedele Liekens and her 2 daughters in the CYRES Center, working with Biofeedback and Visual Affirmation Technology.  In the Nina Magazine, Goedele talks about how her Personal Coach, Cris Van Cleemput, helped her in keeping her positively focused during a challenging period in her life.  Article is in Dutch.


Tell us about the Coach who changed your life.

"With our magazine we looked for how to become a 'better Goedele'. When I started thinking about that, I felt knocked out for a whole week. I made a personal inventory. What is important to me? What do I want myself? I looked for, found and work with a coach in Antwerp, a civil engineer specialised in Biofeedback. This is no classical therapy where you talk about your past experiences. I am not an engineer, like my coach is, but as a psychologist and sexologist, I know that what happens in the brain is a matter of electrical and magnetic waves. You can influence your brain hemispheres, change behavioural patterns and change. This is not hocus pocus. This is technology measuring what's going on."