Cyres Lounge

Cyres Center in Antwerp

The facilities in CYRES Center are designed to offer a uniquely supportive environment for practical wisdom that can then be applied. Over the years, CYRES Center has evolved remarkably and has become known for its pioneering results in Personal Development. Guided by experienced Facilitators, we offer:

•    Personal Growth Acceleration Sessions
•    Biofeedback Sessions
•    Neurofeedback Sessions
•    Workshops and Trainings on Personal and Team Leadership
•    Inspirational Classes and Programs
•    Presentations, with Guest Speakers, complete with audiovisual facilities including large-screen
•    Coaching / Counselling
•    And so much more!

A gathering and meeting place in addition to the personal development, this innovative Center in the stylish South of Antwerp opened its doors in 2008.

Created by Arne Quinze with Cris Van Cleemput. Pure inspiration in a comfortable lounge-style setting, CYRES Center combines the elegant sophistication of a European town house with the vivacity and joy of transformational experiences. The decor is a mix of modern touches, coupled with original features of European sophistication, original stately wood floor, high vaulted ceilings, columns, original wall paneling with dragonfly detailing. Luxurious bespoke lounge seating encircles the space in the form of custom supple leather upholstered seating. Modern touches include Moroso furnishings, and a state-of-the-art audio visual system. The original architecture was a gift and with all the design features, the space feels nurturing and comfortable. The Lounge can comfortably hold up to 50 Guests.

A personal development enterprise at heart, Cyres offers much more than the best personal development experience. We have created a community gathering place, where people come together to connect, engage, and discover what’s new and different. Whether you wish for the company of new cool friends, wonderful camaraderie, relaxation, playfulness, inspiration, detox, in the uplifting energy of the space you can refresh yourself in your own way. A sacred space is the room we give our selves to be.

To visit, and to meet with us, call (Belgium +32) (0)497 33 96 91 or email

CYRES Center
Leopold De Waelstraat 34
2000 Antwerp

"Working with Cris, beyond the pleasure of meeting with a man who has prodigious listening skills, is to get a new view on life. With Cris I have not only improved, but I also changed the way I think about the meaning of my life. In my new perception of life, I have acquired, next to a certain serenity, more optimism and joy. The new way of managing my thoughts and my energy and deeply enjoying life has had an extremely positive impact on every area of my life, my close family, and, especially my children. In fact, I'm able to help my teenagers to have confidence in themselves. My relationships with my friends have also become much more profound.

For me to meet Cris was a real opportunity that life presented to me. Working with him has given me a lot of confidence because I know now how to successfully transform what I considered failures before!"