Team Building

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The Power Of

A Strong Team

Building a team takes dedication and nurturing.  It requires knowing how to communicatie with your team members and how to deal and bond with team members where there is issues with.  Cyres offers 3 workshops to learn more about building a great team.

A support: strategic and on people matters

In 2010 I lost my dad quite unexpectedly. A loss that meant losing my best friend and my business partner. Suddenly I had to run the company all by myself. Having someone with whom I could exchange ideas on a regular basis was important for me, now more than ever. A strategic sounding board. A matter of taking business decisions with peace of mind.

I already knew Cris from 2009. Together with a few other Business Owners I participated in a workshop under his guidance on the topic of Leadership. He seemed to be the ideal man to help me. That proves to be true, today more than ever. Our niche evolves very quickly with new technologies and new ways of communication. And then you need a strong team that is flexible, that can adapt, and that shares a common vision.

In the meantime, Cris already organised two teambuilding sessions for us, with attention to the diversity of talent of our team members. It is about how we can use these talents optimally, both as an individual and as a group. Thanks to the sessions we were all able to further develop ourselves. We now work as a team better than ever. You can notice this in the teamspirit, and, in the results.