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Deepest relaxation

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Tired of too much thinking, worries, doubts, concerns? Want to de-stress and release tension in your body?

Deepest Relaxation is a unique new app featuring Neuro Patterning Sound (NPS). You will experience the deepest states of balance and relaxation. You’ll get a quiet mind, quickly.

You simply listen to music and ocean waves.

The unique difference is the revolutionary NPS technology, with which the music is delivered. Much like the pan dial on old stereos, NPS works by moving the sound extremely fast from the left to the right ear. This creates the effect of listening to a standing wave, just in front of you. This app combines 12 layers of these waves, for fast results. Your brain picks up these frequencies, mimics them, and transfers it to your whole body through your nervous system. This means that you will experience a blissful state of deep relaxation, quickly and easily.

Stress is characterized by imbalance in brainwave activity. This app balances your brainwaves and brings your brain into a beneficial state for both mind and body. The unique way that the sound is produced, enhances your brain. The efficiency of the technology creates an effect in just minutes. All simple and easy to use.

The sound gently fades across the time you chose, from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The shorter time settings are for when you want to de-stress and relax quickly. The longer time settings are for when you want to be gently guided into blissful deep sleep to replenish your body. The timer empowers you to choose how long you want your super-relaxation session to be.

NPS can be used either with a speaker, like in the bedroom when being gently guided to sleep, or can be listened to with earbuds/earphones to quickly relax you wherever you are.

Caution: do not use while driving.


Your personal health lab, right in your pocket



A Breakthrough in pro-active stress management and burnout prevention.

With the exponential increase in cases of burnout and high stress there is need for a pro-active health management system that warns co-workers upfront when they are potentially heading for a danger zone resulting in mental or physical breakdown.

CYRES, and its team of specialists, have developed an all in system, hardware and software, downloadable onto your smartphone that measures, relieves and monitors your stress levels. You literally have a portable lab, in your pocket, that keeps your health in check related to stress behaviour.

The system uses biometric data obtained from a neuro headset, measuring brainwaves, and a biofeedback HRV (Hearth Rhythm Variability) sensor, both wirelessly interacting with your smartphone. Stress measurements are done quickly (1 to 2 minutes) and the app automatically suggests appropriate relief protocols based on very powerful PAM audio algorithms. At the end of the relief session your reduced stress level is automatically measured and displayed.

Relief sessions are short, with a maximum of 10 minutes, making the system perfectly suitable and practical for any business environment where fast and effective stress solutions can be combined with demanding environments.

Sessions are logged by the app and graphically displayed up to one year, so a person can monitor their relaxation improvements.

The app registers how a person followed up with the relief programs. So it measures stress levels, and, what a person did to reduce stress via the app.

The app also sends data, with permission of the user, to the encrypted CYRES server. Privacy guaranteed. We offer organisations analysis, including a KPI number, of how departments are benefiting from the app, and where the stress hot spots are in the organisation. The app can be customised for your company’s specific needs.

PAL comes in three versions: the Mapper, Booster and Ultimate option.

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