Personal Leadership

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Staying Balanced in a demanding world


In a context where the demands of a leader get higher and higher there is more than ever a need for pro – active self centeredness, the creating of an inner balance to deal with the increasing expectations of the environment.

Without this inner balance and agility, sooner or later we end up in a burnout, run risk of going into a depression because the personal foundation is too weak. We see ourselves confronted with temporary or permanent physical complaints that take a lot of time to remedy.

Personal Leadership, the ability to stay on course yourself and keep an inner balance in the personal and professional life is a key element in leading others. You can only inspire others by demonstrating you can lead yourself first. Leadership by example.

Personal Leadership is an attitude irrespective of the role you play in an organisation and does not depend on your title or position, but on the role and contribution one wants to live in this world.

The Personal Leader’s motto is ‘Before I desire changing and motivating others, I first need to learn how to change and motivate myself’.

This workshop gives you the key to Personal Leadership.



Understanding what Personal Leadership means and how it relates to Leadership

Getting clarity on tools which help you to change your personal Mindset

Learning how to expand your Personal Leadership to impact your environment, creating Magnetic Charisma

Knowing how to maintain balance and control when under pressure and experiencing stress



1.  The Personal Leadership Mindset

  • Definition of Personal Leadership
  • The Personal Emotional Tone (PET)
  • Time and Energy Spending
  • Characteristics Personal Leadership Mindset
  • Self-Confidence

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2.  Mindset Change Tools

  • The Retrograde Effect
  • Perception and beliefs
  • Strategies to change beliefs


3.  Magnetic Charisma

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Leaders with Impact
  • The 3 components of Charisma


4.  Resilience and Stress Management Tools

  • What is stress
  • Characteristics and impact on the body
  • To what degree can we manage stress
  • Tool 1: brainwave technology and stress reduction
  • Tool 2: biofeedback and stress reduction

"Instead of pretending to be - I am. Instead of acting as if - I really live: success and self empowerment. Deep from within myself. No longer waiting for the moment to receive. Thanks to Cris, I have a set of tools I can use wherever I am, independent from Cris. With this set of tools and techniques, I activate something that is deep within me and strong. And that makes working with Cris unique.

Working with Cris is a thorough and daring way to change and achieve goals, fast, and effectively.

You can wait with the crowd until you receive success by the will of fate. You can pretend to be successful. Or you can work with Cris and learn to use your tailor-made set of tools to take control of your life and be the driving power.

Cris delivers outstanding results."