Personal Assistant for Lifelong Destress

Personal Assistant for Lifelong Destress


This unique system brings stress measurement, stress relief and stress reporting all into one single app! For the first time stress levels can be objectively monitored, empowering awareness and pro-active fine-tuning of mindset and behaviour to avoid burnout.


A breakthrough in pro-active stress management and burnout prevention for organisations

With the exponential increase in cases of burnout and high stress there is need for a pro-active health management system that warns co-workers upfront when they are potentially heading for a danger zone resulting in mental or physical breakdown.

CYRES, and its team of specialists, have developed an all in one system, hardware and software, downloadable onto your smartphone that measures, relieves and monitors your stress levels. You literally have a portable lab, in your pocket, that keeps your health in check related to stress behaviour.

The system uses biometric data obtained from a neuro headset, measuring brainwaves, and a biofeedback HRV (Hearth Rhythm Variability) sensor, both wirelessly interacting with your smartphone. Stress measurements are done quickly (1 to 2 minutes) and the app automatically suggests appropriate stress relief protocols based on very powerful NPS audio algorithms. At the end of the relief session your reduced stress level is automatically measured and displayed.

Relief sessions are short, with a maximum of 10 minutes, making the system perfectly suitable and practical for any business environment where fast and effective stress solutions can be combined with demanding environments.

Neuro Patterning Sound for fast and easy relaxation

NPS, Neuro Patterning Sound technology generates audio wave patterns that entrain the brainwaves to go into deeper states of relaxation. NPS combines different layers of sound and time sequences which means that you get better results, easily.

Long standing research correlates progressive states of relaxation with decreasing brainwave frequencies.

While normal relaxing states happen in a for an individual random way, NPS has the characteristic that it can induce progressive relaxation states on demand and within a matter of minutes.


NPS and deep sleep quality relaxation

NPS tones and corresponding algorithms, fed into the ears by 2 earbuds, create strong relaxation responses, already after 2 to 3 minutes. Relaxation, with a quality equivalent to deep sleep, driven by NPS, is at your fingertips, when and wherever you want it.

Company-wide Stress Monitoring

PAL empowers the company to keep track of its co- workers well-being.
With our advanced business intelligence report, we can provide key statistics that help the company make the best possible decisions.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard with key metrics can be adapted to what is most important to you, with only a click.

Select specific time frames, departments or even filter the dashboard by project. The PAL stress dashboard is designed to show you exactly what you need to know, instantly.

Prevent co-worker burnout and overload

The reporting system allows you to be notified when users are going into the red zone. This allows you to take action at the right time, before it’s too late.

Discover the causes of stress

Our database allows for cross-referencing with other databases such as project management. This means that you can see the impact of every project on every department.