Leadership Alchemy


Leadership Alchemy

All of the Cyres consultants have an in depth, extensive and hands-on experience in Leadership.  All had business line responsibilities before becoming a consultant.

After years of being in leadership positions ourselves, in small, medium sized and big companies, we have distilled a training in Leadership that works and that is built in experience. We have extensive experience in leading local teams, as well as multi cultural international teams.

We give you our practical view on what really works, what motivates employees, how you gain respect and how to make your co-workers more entrepreneurial and committed.

We teach which leadership styles work and which don’t.  We share our practical experience on how to earn trust, how to influence meetings and how to strategically build support for your vision.

We have been there ourselves, dealing with setbacks and giving negative feedback in a way that brings a clear message without offending.

We give you a pragmatic view on Leadership, based in common sense psychology and highlight where some models in Leadership are nice but don’t work, while others have a good grounding in reality.

If you want to make a quantum leap in your leadership abilities, join us in our Leadership Academy, or invite us to a customised in company format.

Grounded in Experience

A format that fits your need

Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy offers a complete program, in 4 modules of 4 days each, offering all the tools, expertise and knowledge that you need to become an excellent Leader.  Read more in our Events section.

In Company

We offer a key range of leadership topics in a format that is customised for your organisation, respecting your unique company culture.  Because of our transformational impact we want to make, we work with groups of maximum of 12.

"I work for Sirris, the Center for Technological Innovations in Belgium. We wanted to harmonize the way we work in our organization. We wanted to improve the DNA of how we collaborate with each other. All this part of a larger change process. On recommendation from Cris, we introduced Job Cards in the organization. Under guidance of Cris, with a group of key people we established a constructive and cooperative platform around this. As one of our employees at the time summarized, "This is one of the most fruitful meetings we ever had in the organization between the different business units of Sirris". We were able to establish this, thanks to Cris's no-nonsense approach, and because of his empathic abilities (Cris is also an Engineer, as is 80% of our organization). Cris's top qualities are: Personable, Excellent Value, and High Integrity."