high achievers protocol for entrepreneurs

The High Achievers Protocol

Step up your game

The High Achiever Protocol is a state of the art program specifically designed to change your mindset and performance to perform at the level of a world class elite athlete, whatever domain you want to apply this in. This program creates lasting, mind blowing changes and will change your life for ever, in many significant ways.

To pursue Top Performance without training the mind properly is wishful thinking at best. A trained mind consists out of psychological training as well as being able to shift to specific brainwave activity at will.

This program is the fruit of a cooperation between 3 experts in their field, which cover the psychological, physical, mental, and technological leading techniques on which this framework is built.

Through this program, we GUARANTEE significant changes in attitude, behaviour, performance and success in many forms.

To achieve the results we aspire, we expect a commitment of every participant to spend 45 minutes to 1 hour daily on this program. The question you need to ask is this: are you ready to step up your game and do what it takes to step up your game?


Step 1

Personal Intake Interview

Before starting the program, participants are asked to fill in a questionnaire that will be treated in the strictest confidence. The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand the personal likes and dislikes, the challenges, focus levels, work/life balance, aspirations and intrinsic motivation. This questionnaire will also be discussed on a one to one basis in the intake interview.

Before the start of the program, an interview is held to get a thorough understanding of the participants way of thinking and what mental strategies they use, to understand how they feel about all aspects of their job. Their ongoing stress levels will be monitored and we will ascertain what gives them joy and what struggles (if any) they experience.

Since we are dealing with how the mind deals with environmental stress and what coping strategies it employs to combat stress, it is critical that the participant is very open and ruthlessly honest with themselves as their responses in this section will be used to create their individualised strategies that they will train their mind to utilise.

The participant will be interviewed by two members of the Cyres senior team, this is to ensure we fully understand what strategies they use when dealing with complex and stressful issues.

In this intake interview, we also establish what your personal expectations are. We, realistically, outline the goals are that are achievable with the program. We also discuss the commitment needed during the program and the reasons we ask for this commitment.

Step 2

Deep dive in how the mind works

We provide a very detailed overview on how the mind supports some behaviours whilst not supporting others. What strategies we will use to change non optimal thinking into the best possible thinking. During this sessions, we will also explain why some people can easily change behaviour whilst others struggle continuously.

We will outline in detail, how belief structures are created, using business examples, and also why we can hold completely contour beliefs about things yet still perform well. During this session, participants will understand the role of brainwaves, brainwave training, neuro-feedback, and how to maintain optimal flow, mind states under very stressful conditions.

We will also discuss, how positive affirmations work and why 90% of the population will never get a positive affirmation to change their behaviour.

An overview of the personal optimal mind state and how you will achieve that, to anchor the 9 mental skills of a high achieving mindset, is listed below:

  1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude
  2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation
  3. Set high, but realistic goals
  4. Deal effectively with people
  5. Use positive self-talk
  6. Use positive mental imagery
  7. Manage anxiety effectively
  8. Manage emotions effectively
  9. Maintain concentration

Step 3

Installing your personal optimal mind state

The optimal mind state is a state where the mind gives you immediate access, without inner inner dialogues or conflicts, to the insertion of new behaviour that will increase your performance.
However, to obtain this mind state, is extremely difficult if you try to do it by yourself.

Dr. Phil Davidson, who developed the method over the last 15 years, will spend 1/2 a day performing one on one sessions with the participant to integrate new thinking and to ensure that new mind set is established. The new mind set will be tested over and over to ensure it has been set properly.

The aim is to allow the participant to access these optimal states of mind, at will, whenever they need to.

Step 4

Inserting your success image

Every individual has a different image of what success is for them. Whilst we think that verbal communication is effective, the mind uses visual imagery as its main language, and therefore good, strong positive imagery is what the mind wants to experience.

In developing superior skills, the mind needs a well constructed image of success. This image can be multi- layered as it involves job and career objectives, personal objectives and emotional / psychological objectives. A coherent Personal Success Image has no inner conflict structures. Most people have significant internal conflict structures that paralyse the mind into an unfocused state of being with no clear direction forward.

The focus and objective of this session is to crystallise each participant’s Personal Success Image. Given that the participant now has access to those optimal mind states (as outlined in step 3 above) their success image can be presented to the mind in the most optimal state for acceptance so that it can be acted upon.

This Personal Success Image will be the foundation for the change in state of being / behaviour that is wanted and will be demonstrated by the participant during and long after the program has concluded.

Step 5

Supporting tools in creating success habits

Now that everything is in place to create success, the mind needs to be presented with opportunity to continually reinforce these optimal mind states.

This workshop highlights the supporting elements that significantly help to reinforce these new behaviours in your mind.

Topics include:
How to more easily build energy:

• Food

  • Easy physical exercises
  • Other resilience boostersThe necessity of building routines to reinforce optimal mind states. What constitutes, good routines and bad routinesThe times of the day where the brainwave state is most conducive to new imprints. Develop new habits.

A good habit needs to have 4 characteristics

  • Has to have access to optimal states within the mind
  • Needs to diffuse creeping negative internal chatter
  • Must create a high positive emotional state
  • Deliver new information that stimulates / inspires your daySoftware and Hardware, biofeedback tools on iPhone / iPod, will also be discussed to further train, optimise and fine tune the Optimal Mindset State• SW & HW to train the Focus state
    • SW & HW to train the Relaxation response • SW & HW to train the Flow stateThe SW and HW will serve as further training wheels to enforce the new state of mind.

Step 6

Personal check-up interview and monitoring

Mid-term in the program, each of the participants will have a check up interview is held to see how the participant is doing and what challenges they have encountered so far. Duration of this interview is maximum 1.5 hours.

During the whole program there is also an individual hotline with the 3 trainers for 1.5 hours to overcome out any obstacle that might arise during the program.

This workshop talks about supporting elements that significantly help to reinforce new behaviours within the mind.

Step 7

Accelerated break down of limiting belief structures

Beliefs structures are generally quite entangled and interconnected. Changing beliefs is the key to changing behaviour.

In the normal waking state state it is hard to change belief systems because a lot of people identify with their beliefs since this is who they think they are at a very fundamental level.

In some ways, a belief system can be compared to software running in the mind. When the participant is trained to achieve optimal mind states, there is the opportunity to reduce limiting beliefs and create new, more productive mind states. We give detailed instruction on how participants can maintain and create more successful beliefs regarding their job, attitudes, success factors, stress management, to name but a few.

These mental tools will help you in future as you continuously upgrade your Personal Success Image, as you progress in your career.

Step 8

Group integration and celebration of successes

At the end of the program there is a closing off session where the group shares the successes they have achieved and compare notes on what worked for them in overcoming their challenges.

It’s also an ideal launch pad for setting up the next level of achievement and have the Personal Success Image Upgraded.