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Access your Higher Consciousness at will


EVT – Enhanced Visual Techniques – is a proprietary process developed to access the subconscious by Dr. Phil Davidson.  Phil devoted more than 20 years of his life, including 10 years at Manchester university where he got his PHD researching this topic.

Accessing the subconsciousness – the EVT state – can be done for 4 different reasons:

Enhanced visualisation

Iconic management books like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ are all about the importance of visualisation in order to train the mind to discover and create opportunities for success.  Visualisation performed in the normal waking state has not even 1/10 of the impact visualisation has in the deep states where the subconscious resides.  Visualisation at this level leaves such a deep impression on your being that you literally come out of this state feeling magnetised and deeply enveloped in the image of your choosing.  This trains your subconscious mind far more effectively to find and create opportunities in line with your image of desire.  People in general experience far quicker positive opportunities in their every day life related to their object of  visualisation and create more of the stuff that you want.

Transformational experiences and snippets of a bigger order in life

EVT is designed to get access to the subconscious mind.  This part of the brain is generally not accessible under normal conditions. Rare experiences, like exceptional ‘ahah’ moments, very deep meditational states, sweat lodges, vision quests, and other forms of deep introspection can yield temporary visions that have a huge transformative impact into one’s life, a deeper meaning.  For some it’s the equivalent of soul searching and connecting to a higher perspective into your life.  EVT sessions give you access to this non linear part of the brain, the subconscious, that talks in images, words, sounds and ideas and deep emotional feelings that stretch far beyond the current moment.

Integration of accelerated personal growth phases

Getting daily access, at will, to these advanced EVT states creates tremendous opportunities for accelerated growth during certain phases of your life.  People who do these sessions daily get a much deeper understanding, far beyond what any type indicator can provide, into who they are, what their life purpose is and what the meaning is of the experiences that happen to them from a grander perspective.  It enables you to connect to the deepest roots of yourself building a thrust of self that goes far beyond the word ‘self confidence’.  To make sense of challenging phases in your life, having the subconscious providing you answers is extremely valuable.

Multi-dimensional living

Having continuous access to the EVT state and integrating it as part of your life will have a deep transformative impact on your life.   It’s like having continuous access to a another sounding board, a wise part of yourself, that constantly puts all your experiences into a bigger picture, seeing the connectedness of everything and everyone in your life.  Instead of living an isolated life, absorbed in your own boundaries, you will feel and experience that grandeur of connection that life is providing answers that always illustrate the bigger picture.

Guaranteed Access and the IN state


The nature of the subconscious is that it does normally not allow easy access to itself.  There is a lot of barriers built into this part of ourselves that blocks any random access and that only allows safe entry when very specific conditions are met.  If these conditions are not met, the subconscious prohibits entry and refuses to cooperate with the conscious mind.  Only in very exceptional conditions the subconscious allows entry.

The barriers put up by the subconscious are there for a reason.  It is in this part of ourself that emotional wounds are nurtured and trauma is isolated.  Everything possible is done to keep the personality intact and protect the integrity of the ego.  If these safeguards would not be there, there could be potential danger for a person to become emotionally so impacted that normal functioning would become difficult for a while, like foundations that would be swept from under one’s feet.

The subconscious is aware of these risks and for that reason only allows entry when certain keys are met.  Dr. Phil Davidson, spent many years on researching what these keys are and what the conditions are to get full entry at will.  Negotiating with the subconscious is like herding cats and takes a lot of dedication.

Once this key, unique for each individual, is found, the individual kan use that key to be granted access into the subconscious mind to find personal answers, insights or to strengthen visualisation.  This proces is a highly individual one-on-one discovery where Dr. Phil takes you through the exploration of your own mind for many hours a day, in very deep states of relaxation, in search for your own unique needle in the haystack, your personal key.  Sometimes days of exploring the mind to find the gold nugget that allows access.

Other methods have no way of guaranteeing this kind of access.  These methods can be compared to stepping into an elevator to go down, but once in the elevator, you need to get out at level -3 to get into the subconscious mind, but the elevator stops at level -2.  You’re on the wrong floor and you never get the answers you’re looking for.  We guarantee, you get out at level – 3!

Advanced Buddhist practices take years of intense practice to get into these advanced states.  These states are very different from the normal waking state and some of the characteristics of these states are that the body decides to fall asleep and become completely unconscious.  The first quality to aquire is the ability to stay awake in order to bring back the information when coming back to normal waking state.

Dr. Phil uses advanced neuro- and biofeedback protocols to track the participants state and to see if the right conditions are met that could provide a rough entry into the state before starting the fine-tuning to the individual access key.  Once IN, the adventure can begin.

Because exploration of the subconscious is so extremely vast it is important to have a guide to help you discover the relevant parts that are of value for your life and challenges now.  Those familiar with this state discover that there is an active part of your subconscious self, called The Eagle Perspective that guides you along and with which you need to build a relationship to receive maximum benefit.

The individual access key to the subconscious also has an expiration date.  If the inroads and access is not used regularly, after a while, access will be denied and entry with the previous key becomes impossible.

As with all, regular practice breeds mastery.