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Beyond The Box

Cyres Edge

Cyres Edge focuses on technologies and processes that help getting access to a bigger part of ourselves.  Access to a bigger part of our consciousness, our intuition, the creative and solution discovery part of us.

Daily life, business and private life, locks us into routines and makes us creatures of habit.  We keep looking at things from the same angle, keep having the same thought processes, keep drawing the same conclusions.

Most, by the age of 35, have made their conclusions about what life is about.  The views they have about their personal and professional life will change little and will leave them repeating the same old cycles of thought and type of experiences for the remainder of their life.  They might pick up new ideas, but their behaviour stays the same.  They fortify and cement their own familiar box.   A job change, or a change of partner, will fundamentally not guarantee a change in this deeper carved in routine.  More is needed.

Certain phases in one’s life illustrate this boredom with the old way of being and a desire to change.  A mid life crisis, a depression, a bore out, are all signs that on a deeper level the individual has had enough of the old repetitive cycles of being and wants something new.

In normal consciousness, the waking state, it is not so easy to change or to get answers on how to fundamentally get out of this repetitive box.  Our brain is conditioned to a specific kind of filtering of information and locks us into an addictive pattern.

Cyres Edge offers processes and tools that allow access to deeper states of mind, access to the subconsciousness, access to deeper intuition and accelerated states of personal growth.  This develops an eagle vision, allowing for a profound connection to a greater part of yourself.  You understand your life better, how everything in your experience ties together and how to provide solutions to problems you have been struggling with.

You cultivate a much greater sense of well being creating an internal stability able to offset the nervousness caused by external changes.

You develop a cool in business and private life, much needed in the turbulent times of today.