Culture Change


Cultivating Intrapreneurship

Cultural Change

We live in a changing world.  On an economic, geopolitical and personal level change is forced upon us at a pace never seen before.  The difference between a change we deliberately choose for and a change that is forced on us is huge.

Cyres teaches about how to handle effective change and helps organisations to make a change successful.  We focus on company culture change or culture enhancement.

In this fast changing world, we need co-workers to think with the organisation.  We need intrapreneurs that see new opportunities and who are committed to take the organisation to the next level.  Classical hierarchical organisations, where you only have an ‘enlightened’ management and the rest of the employees are only seen as executing the vision, lack the speed and commitment and the agility to respond fast to changes in a rapidly evolving economic context.

Quick Gains

These are changes that are immediately actionable and where results can be shown in a matter of weeks.

Medium Term Gains

Relates to some key changes in behaviour that make all the difference to the feel in the company.

Long Term Gains

A cohesive people development plan ensures lasting change in the way people interact with one another.

Cultural change is a gradual process that needs to be well thought of and properly prepared.  We focus on 3 levels during the change process:

  1. Quick Gains of cultural attunement
  2. Medium Term Gains that focus on key behaviours, needed in the enhanced culture of the organisation
  3. Long Tern Gains, implementing a smart integrated development plan that systematically, from all angles, trains, develops and coaches the new wanted behaviour and cultural attitudes

Professor John Kotter of the Harvard Business School states that 70% of all changes that are rolled out in an organisation fail because organisations do not follow a set roadmap.

Kotter spent more than 30 years developing an 8 step program needed for the implementation of a successful change.  Among those steps are the creation of a burning platform or state of urgency, a clever change team with the necessary competences and the creation of well planned successes during the change that act as a flywheel.

Cyres is experienced in the implementation of change processes and is certified in Kotter’s 8 step model.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can assist you in your change and make your organisation more entrepreneurial.

"Since 2004 we have successfully collaborated with Cris Van Cleemput.

Cris has immaculately guided our Boardmembers and Management through a thorough change process.

With his no nonsense approach, Cris easily gains trust. On top of that he gives individual coaching, deeply appreciated by our executives.

I hope that Jungheinrich can still work together with Cris for many years to come."