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Your Personalised Growth Process

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching Process

We give people at every level specific kinds of help and encouragement.

The ideal process to grow and develop safely and successfully into a new set of skills and behavior that you want.

Get specific new intentions, doable action steps, and helpful allies.

Keeps you accountable, inspired, motivated, informed, and enjoying the leading edge.

Be empowered, and clear on what to do next to move ahead.

Your energy level goes up, your tension level goes down, your engagement increases, and, you build and develop skills as you approach your goals.

Also can help you to make better choices when you arrive at crossroads.  Or to solve a problem that’s important to you.

To put yourself out there and do the things that you really want to do.
A professional sounding board, ally, confidante, supporting you and your daily progress, that helps you discover new solutions faster and helps you plan and implement action steps. Empowering you on your path to new growth.  Helping you to be connected to your true inspiration.  Assisting you to carefully think through the distortions in your judgment.

So you can define your boundaries and with clarity say “YES” this is what I want in my reality.

A Coaching Process is usually 6 – 10 Sessions over 6 – 9 months.

This experience is available now in the Cyres Center in Antwerp, or via phone/skype, or we will travel to you.

Whether you want this for yourself or for your organisation, this will be one of the most positive growth accelerating experiences in your life!

Available in 3 languages;  choose from English, Dutch, French.

We’d really like to help you.  Call (Belgium +32) (0)497 33 96 91 or email

Cris is very driven in whatever he undertakes.
Once he sets a goal, he stays very focused in order to achieve it.

I had the pleasure to be coached by him. He helped me to set and achieve my goal and to stay focused. He helped me see things from another perspective in order to be more successful. He is determined, energetic, enthousiast and willing to share his own experiences.

SInce he is very inspiring, staying in his company is a life-giving experience.